How to stop worrying about future

How to stop worrying about future

What is worrying ?

Firstly, worrying simply means causing anxiety of the actual problems or the potential problems. Secondly, overthinking of the things that are not in our control. Secondly, to think of past memories. Why he/she did this to me? God always does this to me? Why I am always financially broke? etc etc etc…. We have so many things to worry of. Is there any magic formula to control stress, overthinking or worrying? Continue reading the blog and you will definitely learn how to stop worrying about future.

What can stress do to you?

Moreover, excessive worrying can seriously cause nervous breakdown. “The lord may forgive for our sins” said William James,”but the nervous system never does. I know it is very difficult to not be worry free. However, worrying can lead to serious heart diseases, mental illness, insomnia,hair-loss and even suicide. Besides, Dr. Alexis Carrel said ” Businessmen who do not know how to fight worry die young”.

Personal experience

To illustrate this, I have one of my relatives who is very much into the stock market. We call him Uncle stock. When the stock market went down, the sugar in his blood and urine went up. Infact, he used to continuously think of the market, never enjoyed his life, never got a chance to spend quality time with his children and wife. Even when he used to sit on the table to eat he continuously thought of the future market. Although, whose control was not in his hands. Is there anyone in your contact who behaves like this ?? One of my friend’s at a very young age got seized by diabetes, reason OVERTHINKING.

Magic Formula

Try this for once, if it works imply it otherwise don’t.This might solve your query of how to stop worrying about future. Suppose you are stuck in a very stressful situation. You are tensed with the situation.

1: Ask yourself ” What is the worst that can possibly happen?”

2: Prepare to accept it if you have to.

3: And, then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.

To illustrate, one man was badly suffering from stomach ulcers doctor told him you only have two weeks to live. Firstly, he thought of the worst situation. What will happen? I will die. Secondly, he accepted the fact of dying. Finally, he was lying in his bed, suddenly he remembered he loves to travel. He immediately woke up, took doctor’s approval and went on the trip. Different places he visited, after two weeks he was absolutely fine. What is the reason behind this? He strongly decided not to worry.


Furthermore, worry may even cause beauty loss. Promise me, swear to yourself. “I am not going to worry.”I am not going to cry! And if there is any challenge or hurdle I will definitely overcome it. I am going to live !

As a final point, tattoo this on your body: “Businessmen who do not know how to fight worry die young !

Was Dr. Carrel speaking of you?

Could be.

Some people feel if they have money there won’t be any stress of worry.If you want to know more on the secrets of being worry free and start living happily.

You can read How to stop worrying and start living book. This book will answer how to stop worrying about future in more depth. Get your book here

As a final point, share and de-stress the world. Let’s all live enthusiastically. Watch this video if you feel you face a lot of problems.

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  1. It was amazing to read it . I got the key to unlock my brain by reading this article. I got to know about how to overcome street which is not taught in skool but u did it .

    1. Thanks a lot. Keep reading.

  2. One of the most inspiring blogs I have come across so far, would surely purchase the book and would be waiting for more blogs similar to these. Keep it up.

    1. Thankyou. I’ll surely come up with more inspiring articles. Keep sharing.

  3. This article really touched my mind, it just showed me a path and helped me how to overcome my stress. And I will surely apply this formulas in my life.

    1. Glad you liked it. Keep sharing. Keep learning. Keep growing.

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