Focus On Yourself, Not Others

Focus On Yourself, Not Others


Let us understand how to focus on yourself with a story followed by the learning and conclusion.Also at the end of this article there is a video for better understanding. Once upon a time, there was a well in the middle of a dense forest. In that well there lived army of frogs. Apart from this, 100 frogs took birth. The moment in the well became joyous. Everyone in the well was happy and cheerful.

Furthermore, 100 of the newly born baby frogs decided to jump out of the well and explore the outside world. Undoubtedly, there blood was warm and all 100 of them were energetic. One after the other they all started to jump. Without a doubt, ancestors and all the other frogs of the army starting demotivating them with ill words and phrases. Such as, we cannot do it since ages, How could you do it? Just sit down and accept our fate. We all are meant to live in this well.

Extension – Focus On Yourself

Following this 50 frogs decided to quit and joined the remaining army of the frogs. But, 50 frogs were still in the race of jumping and excelling the competition. Unquestionably, all the other frogs including the 50 who quit the race were also criticizing the frogs. Saying – Nobody can do this, just join us it will be better for you and for everyone. They tried their best to denounce them.

At this time, 40 of the frogs decided to quit after lot of hard work and struggle. Above all, still 10 frogs were determined towards their goal. They tried hard not to listen to anyone and focus on themselves. Day night they struggled but, could not make it. Finally, 9 of them decided to abandon the race and not to leave their comfort zone (which was the lake).

Prolongation – Focus On Yourself

Last but not least, one single frog was continuously striving hard towards achieving its goal. Thousand times it felt on the ground again regained the motivation and would start from fresh. Day in Day out jumping rigorously. Infact, other all the frogs were criticizing him. Lastly, a day came when the last frog was able to jump high and was successfully out of the well.

Everyone was astonished and some were offended with him reaching its goal successfully. Subsequently, all the frogs decided to visit the mother of the frog who had done the impossible thing.

The mother said my baby frog was born deaf. It could not hear anything.

Learnings and Conclusion –

If you are willing to achieve your goal that you have set. Just avoid listening to toxic people around you. Let us prepare our mindset in such a manner that no matter what the outside world advices us. We will not listen to them. Ignore others for your own betterment. Definitely listen to our parents and well wishers, mentors and accordingly climb the ladder towards success. Apart from this let us decide to be out of our comfort zone because comfort zone will never take us anywhere.

In the above story despite of the outside world continuously criticizing and pulling down the frog was able to achieve the impossible because it was deaf. Be deaf to all the advices of the negative people success and learning will ultimately follow.

Eventually for the better understanding of the story watch the video.

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