How to control your thoughts. Winning minds.

How to control your thoughts. Winning minds.

What is mind ?

Above all, do you think your brain is your mind? If so, I am afraid to tell you. You are wrong. How can we control mind ?According to the definition : it is the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. Secondly, mind is not fixed at one place in your body. Whereas, it is our thoughts and imaginations. If you have a goal to achieve and your mind does not coordinate, what is the use of it? Learn how to control your thoughts.

Is it necessary to control your thoughts and mind ?

To illustrate, suppose you are walking on a footpath and you notice a street dog. You call him, hello doggie come here and give me a handshake. Will it give ? Absolutely NO. Why? Because, it is not trained to do that. Now imagine, you have a dog in your home and you tell him to do the same thing. Will it do? Surely, it will. Infact, it will also love you back. Why? Because, you trained it. Mind is exactly like that. Although, some believe becoming rich is the ultimate goal. It all depends on the perspective of an individual.

If you train your mind, it will listen to you. If you do not train your mind, it will not listen to you.

Let’s examine your mind….

To begin with, pretend your mind is like a security guard.Besides this, you need to perform this activity to know whether your mind is in control of you, or vice versa. It will only take 5 minutes to examine. What does security guard do, it stands near the entrance and observes who comes in and goes out. Let’s perform.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Try to take deep breaths
  • Your mind (security guard) give him a fixed position under your nose above your lips area, just to focus on what and how air comes in and goes out.

Moreover, try to not focus on any other other thought that comes in your mind. If it does, start again. In addition, make sure your mind (security guard) does not leave its position.

What happened ?

It was wandering. Wasn’t it ? One thought then other then something different. However : we gave a simple task of 5 minutes to our mind to focus on a specific position. It could not perform. Apart from this, imagine the real security guard wandering in the society. If he does. There will be a chaotic situation. Anybody can come into your society and anything can be done. Same is applicable to ourselves. Your mind must be worrying about many things.

In fact, this is the whole complex problem of life. This mind will not stick to one work, it will not sit in one place. When we do not control our mind, there will be a bunch of thoughts coming every second in our brain. And, ultimately we will be confused.

control mind

Subsequently, if you have not trained your mind to be in control. It will be very easy for someone else to control you. Nevertheless, when someone is controlling you. Who is the winner ? Definitely, they are.

How to conquer your mind ?

Are you ready to know the secret of how to control your thoughts? When you wake up in the morning, just for 3-4 minutes try to concentrate on your breathing. When going to sleep perform the same exercise for 5-10 minutes. However, make sure you only focus on breathing and no other thoughts. In start it will be difficult but gradually, your mind will be your servant.

Finally, your mind is your best teacher, if and only if it is in control of you. Trained mind will eventually make you win in life, job, money whatever it is.

controlling mindset for beginners

In this exercise we are using breathing as a tool to conquer our mind.

In the start it will be difficult, but later on your own mind will guide you throughout your life.

Last but not least, learn to change your opinion about others by watching this video.

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  1. It was really helpful and informative. Mind wanders places but once you are able to control it your life becomes smoother. Thanks for such great insights.

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