Chanakya Niti in English

Chanakya Niti in English

The only man who defeated Alexander the Great

Chanakya niti in english. Firstly, he always followed a simple philosophy : never stand a minute in that place where people do not respect you. If you are getting respect, give it back. But, if you are not getting it do not expect anything and leave them forever. Secondly, friend in need is a friend indeed. In fact, a good friend will always stand beside you no matter how tough the situation becomes. Never lose that one true friend. I repeat Never !!

With immediate effect

In addition, always be aware of people who speak like honey in front of you and curse words about you behind your back. They are like poison in a pot whose upper layer is filled with milk. In this world, millions of people without kindness is of no use. In contrast, only one human with abounding kindness is enough.

Subsequently, one moon is enough to fill the whole darkness with the light.

moon darkness goepilogue

Apart from this, sitting idle will eventually decrease your knowledge. Also, giving our financial resources to someone to keep will sooner or later shrink it. Above all, learn to gain financial intelligence.

  • Raining in the ocean is of no use.
  • The man who is not hungry, for him food is of use.
  • In the day time, burning lamp is of no use.
  • Similarly, for rich people radical things are of no use.


Moreover, a man should be satisfied for the below listed things

  1. Supportive and loyal life partner
  2. Good and healthy food
  3. Lastly, hard earned money

Furthermore, a man should always be hungry for the below listed things

  1. Knowledge
  2. Spiritual Life
  3. Charity

Always be 1000 yards away of an elephant. 100 yards away of the horse . 10 yards away of an OX. But, when you see a foolish person do not even think of going nearby.

Chanakya niti in english (great example)

As a matter of fact, if you go in a lion’s den you will definitely find skull of an elephant or any other might animal. Conversely, if you go in a fox’s place you can only find donkey’s bones.

Lion goepilogue

Correspondingly, awake this seven things if you find them on wrong path

  1. The Student
  2. A Servant
  3. A hungry man
  4. Afraid man
  5. Treasurer
  6. Wayfarer
  7. Last, cashier

Comparatively, never awake this seven things

  1. Snake
  2. King
  3. Insect which bites
  4. Lion
  5. A baby
  6. Someone’s dog
  7. A foolish person


Not to mention, always try to help others. To illustrate this, honey bees worked so hard to collect honey. In fact, they neither gave it to someone, neither consumed themselves. Instead, someone came and forcefully acquired their hard earned result. Likewise, Chanakya niti in english will make you learn a lot of things.

In the same fashion, if you want your work to be done, speak softly and politely to other person. When snake catcher sings melodiously the snake comes out.

In like manner, always remember size does not matter. A thunder can break the mountain into pieces and identically, a small lamp can fight the darkness.

Learnings from the lion

  • Always be loyal
  • At the same time, determination

Learnings from a donkey

  • Never forget your weights
  • Environment cannot affect you
  • Always respect your owner
  • Especially, always be satisfied

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Last but not least, share and inspire others.

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