Always feel tired and weak. Solution !!

Always feel tired and weak. Solution !!

Why ?

Firstly, here is an amazing and significant fact : Mental work alone can’t make you tired. Sounds ridiculous. However, scientists have proven this. Then, why do I always feel tired and weak ? What is the reason behind it? Let’s find out.

Secondly, the brain is considered to work perfectly at the end of eight to twelve hours swiftly. Besides, the brain is utterly tireless…… So why do I always feel tired and weak ?

tired why do i always feel tired and low.


In addition, psychiatrists have researched and found that most of our fatigue derives from our mental and emotional attitudes.Also, the greater part of fatigue from which we suffer is of mental origin.

What kinds of emotional factors tire the desk-bound worker? Joy? Fulfillment? NO! NEVER!

Live example

To illustrate, my father has been working in a company from last 28 years. Besides, he works every single day whole heartedly. In fact, even the boss relies on him for most of the work. Despite his hard work and honesty he feels stressed and tired at the end of the day. Reason : a feeling of not being appreciated, a feeling of hurry, anxiety, worry – those are the emotional factors that exhaust the sitting worker. Finally, sending him home with a nervous headache.

nervous headache, feeling stressed and tired.

Stop !!

Stop now, right where you are, and give yourself a checkup. As you are reading this line, are you glaring at your screen? Do you feel a strain between your eyes? Are you sitting relaxed in your chair? Are the muscles of your face tense?Moreover, it should be noted, if you are producing nervous tensions and fatigue, you are not relaxed.

Furthermore, what could be the answer to this nervous fatigue? Relax! Calm! Relax! Calm! Learn to relax while you are doing your work! Easy? No. You have to reverse your habits. Indeed, it will be worth the effort.

Art of relaxation !!

Subsequently, are you ready to unleash the secret of why do I always feel tired and low? How do we relax? Shall we start with our mind, or do we start with our nerves? We don’t start with either.In contrast, we always start with relaxing our muscles.

relaxed eyes. No strain. Let it go.

To show how it is done,first, start with your eyes. Read this paragraph through, and when you’ve reached the end, lean back, close your eyes, and say to your eyes silently. “Let go. Let go. Stop straining, stop taking too much pressure. Let it go.” Repeat that over and over very slowly for a minute.

Didn’t you notice that after a few seconds the muscles of your eyes began to obey? Didn’t you feel as though some hand wiped away the tension? Undoubtedly, incredible it felt. Without a doubt, you have sampled that in the last one minute. In addition, you can do the same thing with your jaw, with the muscles of your face, your shoulders, the whole body. Above all, the most important organ is eye.

Always feel tired and weak? Suggestions:

Additionally, relax in odd moments. Let your body go limp.In fact, the yogis say that if you want to master the art of relaxation, study the cat. Nonetheless, I never saw a tired cat, a cat with a nervous breakdown, or a cat suffering from insomnia or even worry.

cats are always active. Goepilogue

Subsequently, you will probably avoid these disasters if you learn to relax as the cat does. Work as much as possible, in a comfortable position. Say to yourself four to five times a day. Relax! Calm!

Finally, your body hears everything your mind says.

Learn to control mind.

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  1. Dammmm. I practiced that muscle relaxation exercise. Guess what? It worked. Thanks a lot man for this article. Keep posting.

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