The Alchemist Review. Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist Review. Paulo Coelho

Can dreams come true ? Let’s find out.


In the first place, can dreams come true? Let’s find out from The Alchemist review. Once there lived a shepherd named Santiago in Andalusia, Spain. In fact, he wanted to explore the world. Meanwhile, he used to take his sheep from one place to another and used to sell the wool to the merchants. By the same token, the boy was in love with the daughter of the merchant whom he sold his wool. Correspondingly, Santiago once again is going to Tarifa where the girl lives to sell wool to her father.

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The story

Furthermore, on his way to Tarifa at night he decides to take rest under a Sycamore tree near a church. Likewise, leaving the cattle near the church. While sleeping, he dreams of a hidden treasure near the pyramids. However, when he was about to see the exact location he wakes up. Also, he has seen this dream earlier, so he becomes very reckless the next day. What do you think, can dreams come true ? I hope your answers are being answered by the review of The Alchemist.


Moreover, he decides to meet a lady in Tarifa who forecasts future. The lady tells him, she can help him with the location of the treasure. However, Santiago needs to pay her 1/10th portion of the treasure. He decides to leave the place and thinks that the women is joking.

the alchemist review

In addition to, the boy wisely thinks about his dream, whether to go ahead and achieve his dream. Or, to be in his comfort zone and not trying to change for the rest of his life. On the way to his journey he meets an englishmen. The englishmen helps the boy to meet the Alchemist(who can convert lead to gold) by his touch.

The boy with full of determination and enthusiasm reaches the pyramids in Egypt and starts digging the place in search of treasure. Suddenly a gang of thieves arrives and start whipping the boy. Conversely, the boy explains the thieves and tells them about his dream of the hidden treasure.


The leader of the thieves starts laughing at the innocence of the boy. And tells him: you are a fool who came so long looking for a dream. I have also seen a dream. In spain near a church under a Sycamore tree where shepherds take rest with their sheeps. There is a hidden treasure under that tree. I am not a fool like you to go bluntly following a dream. The leader orders his gang to let the boy go.

the alchemist review

Santiago starts laughing and goes back to the church and digs the underneath of the Sycamore tree. Finally, he finds the treasure.

In today’s modern era we are so much worried about every thing around us. Read the article and stop worrying.

The Alchemist review? (Learning)

Certainly, dreams come true but for that an individual must have some kind of purpose in his/her life. Finding the purpose is very important. Purpose motivates you to move ahead in your life. In fact, it will always uplift you and make you grow in your life’s journey.

The Alchemist review. I would rate this book 8.5/10. Moreover, it will surely make you believe in yourself and in your dreams. Subsequently, you will be able to conquer your dreams after reading it.

In this journey of life, controlling one’s thought is very important.

Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.

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When you have a desire for something with your whole heart, the entire universe helps you in fulfilling your goal. Always follow your dreams !!!

In conclusion, finding the purpose of our life is very important. Although, there are many who are not clear about their purposes. Do not worry.

Find your purpose here.

Last but not least, share and inspire others.

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